Marten Ingle Biography
Arriving at the The San Jose County Fairgrounds one fine day in 1969, Marten went up to the front of the big stage built over one side of this normally cow filled Rodeo arena. Today it was being used for an afternoon of music, with The Jimi Hendrix Experience topping the bill.
Marten looked out at the vast crowd waiting for the show to begin and felt the excited anticipation.
This his first rock concert, and his first glimpse of a world that would facinate,inspire, frustrate, drive and motivate him for the next 30 odd years.

He had just played his first gig at the San Mateo YMCA with his band, "Fresh Garbage". The bass cab blew up, they forgot to tune up, and the crowd mainly said things like, "really appropiate name", but it was a gig and one of many to come.
As Marten watched the milling crowd, a kid wearing a Mirrored Nazi Biker helment came up to him.
"Hey", said the kid, "Are you in "Fresh Garbage"?
Marten said yes and the kid walked away without saying anything else.
"Wow", thought Marten, "who knew?!"

His high school band, "Trigger" played dances up and down California.

He studied composition and theory with Gus Gustavson and played Jazz with the College of San Mateo Jazz band
directed by Fred Berry

He played Funk and Rn'B with the Bay Area's hottest club, wedding, and concert band "Brotherly Love"
featering the Rivera brothers, Bernie, Billiy and Tyrone

He kept writing songs and auto-produced his first single in 1978, "Keep love in your Eyes"
on his own Fish Ranch Records Label
Mastering engineer, Bernie Grundman, asked if he could pass it along to someone there at the A&M lot,
and producer David Kershenbaum politely told him to  keep it up .

Marten worked for Tom Oberheim putting sythesizers together,

studied String bass at the Cal Arts with Beull Nedlinger,

played the Whisky A Go Go with Charles Duncan and the Willys,

and went on to make a Pre-MTV "Docu-drama" for Dick Clark and Neil Bogart with the group "The Innocents".

Marten headed to Paris, to visit an old school friend.
The Muse whispered.

So he did.

Marten is currently writing, singing, playing, recording, producing music with a great variety of International Artists:

Percy Sledge, Tony Allen, Ray Lema, Gabrielle Lazure, Yasuaki Shimizu, Yuma Sumac, Elliot Murphy, Gary Christian,
ZIP, Louis Bertignac, Jean Louis Aubert, Patrick Verbeke, Gabriella Arnon, DeRosa, Paul Breslin, Wajabak, Jim Murple Memorial, Nina Van Horn, Paddy Sherlock band, Ellen Birath and the Shadowcats, Sofai, and the Marten Ingle Band

He lives in the Paris suburbs with Thanh, Neil, and Shaolin Shadowcat.