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My story

Marten Schick Ingle is a singer, songwriter, composer, musician who lives in Paris, France.

His talents as a bassist and singer are well appreciated by many International artists.

Marten also collaborates regularly with Dance and Theatre  groups as a composer.

A well-schooled, from the Conservatory to the Stage performer, Marten has a wide interest in musical styles and genres, which is reflected in his current Album, “Faraway Radioland”.

It's an intimate voyage into the soul of Americana. a quest for an identity outside the bigbox mentality of prefab dreams and worn out excuses.

Rock and Folk and Funk melt together in this Navaho Taco of a Long Playing album.

Marten has been playing concerts around France and Europe, up until the Pandemic pause.

Marten is currently working on a performance piece, “Grandfather Buffalo”, which is inspired from the people and places created in the song “Faraway Radioland”

It is a multi-media musical theatrical exploration of the forces that drive people to wander in search of their dreams and the emotional magnetic tides that bind and explodes families and relationships